What if “Health & Wellness” included logistics along with tailor-made wellness plans for prospective employees? Our pre-employment medicals for our corporate customers ensure selection of medically and physically fit employees.

Steps to Pre-Employment Health Screening:

We utilize a unique scientifically tested mechanism to manage these programs which help us meet your fundamental objectives.

Strategic Considerations:

  • A uniquely designed program that stays true to the scope of its established objective
  • A unique dashboard that comes equipped with customer care phone numbers, that makes submission of PEM requests easy for the employer
  • Myhealthmeter manages all logistics including appointments, instructions, reports and summary as per compliance, once a request is received from an HR Manager
  • For every PEM, an applicant is required to furnish a consent form in accordance to World Health Organization recommendations
  • Diligent PEMs based on relevant medical history are performed by qualified doctors at empanelled centers
  • While the PEM with a summary, report and consent & fitness forms is sent to the HR manager, overall summary with key learnings are submitted at the end of the year

Pre-Employment Medical Exam Plan & Inclusions

Investigations Function
Fitness Report Includes Fitness Status, Health Risk Grade, Core Risk Areas and other details. Reports are digitalized and sent after internal physician review.
Blood Group Determines blood group for company records.
CBC Identifies cases of Anaemia, Blood disorders
S.Creatinine Identifies the function of Kidneys.
Blood Sugar (FBS, PPBS) For diagnosis of Diabetes
Serum Cholesterol To assess cardiovascular risk.
SGPT Identifies the function of Liver
Routine Urine Identifies kidney function & urinary tract infection.
Chest Xray PA Determines lung infection and heart enlargement
ECG Determines electrical function of the heart.
Medical Examination
(Vision Assessment)
Medical history conducted by Doctor, Blood Pressure, general exam, basic vision assessment
  • Once assigned, the execution of the entire process of a pre-employment medical case is facilitated by Myhealthmeter team
  • Digital copies of medical reports with internal reviews and summary assessments are mailed to HR within 24 hours of conducting the PEM
  • Original Reports are couriered to the HR manager as per company specifications
  • Well defined processes & fitness criteria ensure diligence in executions of programs
Empanelled Diagnostic Centres

Following factors are considered while empanelling the diagnostic centres:

  • Single Point of Services: All facilities under single roof
  • Quality and Brand: Centres characterized by high quality through brand value and accreditation
  • Proximity to Employees: Minimum distance from centres to avail quick health check-ups
  • Cost: Identify centres with presence in multiple cities to drive bulk numbers and cost-benefits