A free health account enables each member to save his/her health records.

  • 1
    All check-ups conducted through Myhealthmeter are updated in your health account.vascular disease (CVD) epidemic. This session will educate an employee on identifying risks, preventive measures and be aware of treatment modalities along with tips to handle emergencies.
  • 2
    Create your own health inbox of check-ups, prescriptions and reports.
  • 3
    Doctor can monitor & assess your health and the impact of certain medications on your daily activities
  • 4
    Save valuable time during emergency situations
  • 5
    Each Account can save health records of up-to 3 additional members
  • 6
    HealthMeter Check Ups allow you to store all your reports and gives you the ability to compare all current reports with past reports. This helps the doctor assess the progress of the employee in question and make better judgement