About Health Meter

Established in 2011, myHealthmeter aims to make preventive healthcare accessible to everyone. As an integral component of ISO 27001:2013 certified Health Meter Services Pvt. Ltd. (HSPL), myHealthmeter actively supports and oversees comprehensive health and wellness initiatives throughout India. Featuring state-of-the-art medical and diagnostic centers, quality-standards-compliant laboratory practices, expert team of doctors & paramedics, myHealthmeter is a one-stop-destination for all diagnostic and healthcare needs.

Founded 2011
Users 5,00,000+
Employees 150+
App Downloads 30K+

What is myHealthmeter?

Our AI-powered system functions like a meter, visually presenting vital parameters of the human body using easily discernible colour codes. This AI-powered health risk assessment system goes beyond real-time data display. It also analyzes changes and anomalies over a period of time, providing valuable insights into the body's health trends and patterns. Tracking these trends provides a deeper understanding of an individual’s overall well-being and enables easy adaptation to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What Makes myHealthmeter Pioneers of Healthcare Innovation?

We believe in staying one step ahead and building strong foundations for the future. This is what makes us pioneers in the health and wellness industry.

First to leverage the power of AI in health and wellness

Featuring an advanced and evolving AI program, we are able to understand and forecast health risks on the basis of current lifestyle habits.

First to offer real-time Health Risk Assessment

Real-time health risk assessment enables our users to get a detailed analysis of their health condition with a few easy clicks.

First to provide onsite COVID screening support

Our dedicated healthcare team fearlessly provided onsite COVID screening support, ensuring organizations could continue functioning efficiently with the necessary workforce.

First to offer Mobile App-based Doctor Tele-consultation

Revolutionizing healthcare by ensuring easy accessibility, we brought medical professionals to the homes of our users through mobile devices.

Our Corporate Services

Annual Health Check-up

Scientifically structured medical check-up helps companies safeguard the health of their employees by identifying potential health risks.

Pre-Employment Health Screening

Assess vital health parameters of potential candidates to identify and mitigate health risks, helping organizations create a future-fit workforce.

Onsite Medical Services

Onsite doctor and nurse stationed at the workplace offer timely first aid care, treatment, consultations, and medical analysis.

Tele-Consultation Program

Consult experienced medical experts from various specializations on your chosen date and time for convenience.

Onsite Counseling Program

Onsite wellness counseling provides easy access to renowned medical experts and ensures effective health advice.

Onsite Vaccination Program

Protect your employees from respiratory illnesses with vaccines for COVID, influenza, and pneumococcal diseases.

Hospital Admission

Ensure quick and efficient hospital admission for medical treatment or care due to illness, injury, or other health-related reasons.

Food Handlers Program

Screen the food handlers for a range of pathogens and infections, to prevent foodborne transmission of health hazards.

Integrated Wellness Program

Promote wellness at the workplace throughout the year to ensure physical, physiological, and psychological wellness of all employees.

Our Connected Health and Wellness Network

Featuring an extensive network of accredited hospitals and diagnostic centers that are equipped with
state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology, myHealthmeter ensures seamless healthcare services for your employees.

  • 400+ Indian Cities Extensive Service Network
  • 75,000+ Health Check-ups in a Year
  • Wellness Partner of Over 400+ Corporate Organizations

Our Goal

Our goal is simple yet impactful: we strive to identify and address health problems at the earliest stage, helping companies enhance productivity by reducing health risks for employees. Through our proactive approach, we aim to nip potential health concerns in the bud, creating a healthier and thriving work environment.

We excel in designing highly effective and optimal health and wellness programs for our clients. With our expertise, we manage logistics, minimize organizational liability, and streamline health benefits.

Our programs are uniquely crafted, scientifically robust, and align perfectly with the fundamental objectives of the organization from an employee healthcare perspective.

Get your organization's health and wellness initiatives powered by myHealthmeter and experience enhanced employee well-being and meet your forecasted health and wellness objectives.

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