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World Health Day: Nursing the world to health

  • April 07, 2020

World Health Day: Nursing the world to health

The World Health Organization (WHO) celebrates ‘World Health Day’ 2020 on April 7th. The theme is to support nurses and midwives. Nurses and midwives play a major role in health services. In the current catastrophic instance of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare would undoubtedly cripple without them!

Nurses and midwives make up nearly 50% of the global health workforce. The female workforce represents 70% of worldwide nursing and midwifery occupations.

A nurse has an authorized nursing education to enable practice in his/her country. Nurses devote their lives to promoting health, giving lifesaving immunizations, and looking after the old, physically and mentally ill, or disabled people. They also teach health care and assist in clinical research.

A midwife is trained to counsel healthy women about birth plans, pregnancy, and new-born care. Midwives provide practical, emotional and psychological support during childbirth.

In view of encouraging the nurses, WHO will launch the State of the World’s Nursing Report 2020. The motive is:

  • For the general public to appreciate their work.
  • For policymakers to invest in nursing and midwifery education.
  • For health care workers to show respect for nurses and midwives.

We can all acknowledge nurses and midwives on COVID-19 frontline by sharing photos and videos using: #SupportNursesAndMidwives and #COVID19, by explaining how important their work is. Nurses or midwives can share their concerns too with people who make policies to create a difference.

To achieve standard health care by 2030, the world needs at least 9 million well-trained nurses and midwives. That is why former US president Barack Obama has rightly said, “Nurses are the beating heart of the medical system”.

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