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‘World Blood Donor Day’ amidst COVID-19 crisis

  • June 08, 2020

‘World Blood Donor Day’ amidst COVID-19 crisis

Blood donation is like giving someone the gift of life! An adequate supply of safe blood ensures that patients recover from life-threatening conditions and live longer. It is vital for treating people during all kinds of emergencies, and in maternal and neonatal care. World Health Organization (WHO) has designated 14th June as the ‘World Blood Donor Day’.

This year, the campaign will be virtual due to the COVID-19 outbreak with the theme of “Safe Blood Saves Lives”. The objectives are to:

  • Celebrate, thank, and encourage blood donors
  • Raise awareness on the urgent need for safe blood

Safety protocol recommended during blood donation has been revised by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in view of the coronavirus pandemic.  

For staff:

  • Standard health assessment prior to blood drives
  • Mandatary use of face masks and gloves
  • Using sterile collection sets for every donation
  • Disinfecting donor-touched areas after every collection

For donors:

  • Undergoing temperature checks and using hand sanitizer and face masks before entering the camp
  • Following physical distancing practices at donor beds, as well as in waiting and refreshment areas

Donors are excluded based on confirmed tests of COVID-19 or based on their travel and contact history. Finally, only eligible and healthy people are allowed to give blood.

Blood so donated is tested for blood type, and evidence of any infectious pathogen. This ensures patients receive safe and the right match of blood.

Blood donation has physical health benefits for donors. It is also known to reduce stress and improve emotional well-being apart from providing a free basic health check-up. According to the American Red Cross, one donation can save three lives.

Go ahead with the act of blood donation as “social distancing does not have to mean social disengagement!”

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