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Winter and Health concerns

  • October 29, 2018

When temperature drops below normal, winter health problems start creeping slowly in people’s lives. The most common problems encountered by people during winters are:

1. Flu, cough and cold: People tend to spend more time inside and they are in close proximity to each other. Thus, there is increased chances of dissemination of flu, coughs and colds.

Tip to avoid: Wash your hands frequently with soap or hand sanitizer. Do not cough directly into hands but into the crook of your elbow.

2. Heart problems: According to American Heart Association, number of heart attacks increases during winter. This is due to the fact that blood vessels constricts due to cold weather.

Tip to avoid: Wear hat, scarfs and gloves to keep warm. Use hot water bottle or blanket to keep warm in bed.

3. Dry skin: It is the most common condition in winter as environmental humidity is low. Moisture is sucked from the skin.

Tip to avoid: Use moisturizer which is oil base after shower or bath when your skin is still moist. Have bath with lukewarm water.

4. Hypothermia:  An abnormally low body temperature is when a person's body temperature drops below 35ËšC (called hypothermia). The signs to look out for includes shivering, confusion, tiredness or frequent urination.

Tip to avoid: Cover yourself with warm clothes while going outside and call an emergency helpline number if you suspect signs of hypothermia.

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