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What is Psoriatic Arthritis?

  • October 01, 2018

Psoriatic arthritis affects people who have psoriasis. Psoriasis is a condition characterized by red patches with silvery scales on skin. Usually people first develop psoriasis and later develop psoriatic arthritis. Main symptoms of psoriatic arthritis are joint pain, swelling and stiffness. This type of arthritis can affect any part of body such as, fingertips and spine.


Psoriatic arthritis affects joints on one side or on both sides of body. Joints are swollen, painful and warm to the touch.

  • Swollen fingers and toes-  It causes swelling and pain in toes and fingers. Some people may develop swelling and deformities in feet and hands before having joint symptoms.
  • Foot pain- It also causes pain where ligaments and tendons attached to bones. such as the Achilles tendon behind heel. It may hurt when you walk and climb stairs.
  • Lower back pain- In some people, spondylitis develops because of psoriatic arthritis. In this condition, swelling occurs between vertebrae of spine and in the joints between spine and pelvis.

Risk factors

  • Psoriasis – Suffering from psoriasis is the single highest risk factor to develop psoriatic arthritis.
  • Family history – people with family history of psoriatic arthritis have increased risk.
  • Age- Mostly it occurs in adults at the age between 30 to 50 years.

Diet plan

Take weight loss diet. Intake of fats, sugars and carbohydrates should be limited. Eat more vegetables, fruits and low-fat dairy items.

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