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What is calcaneal spur?

  • July 18, 2019

Calcaneus is the largest bone of the foot. Spurring from the bone – calcaneus is calcaneal spur.

These spurs cause considerable heel pain and walking difficulty.

Exact reason for development of the spur is not known. The spur is generally caused by pressure on the fascia (a sheet like thing present in the foot) and muscles of the foot for long-time like in case of overweight people, active runners, joggers, etc. However, it can happen in other people also.


The main symptom of calcaneal spur is heel pain, the severity may vary from person to person. Pain is severe when pressure is applied, like during walking. To develop pain, there should be inflammation of fascia of the foot, which is common in spur. So, if there is no inflammation of fascia, people may not develop pain even if X-ray shows a spur.


  • Reducing body weight and wearing appropriate footwear are useful to prevent the spur.
  • Conservative treatments which include using appropriate footwear, medication, exercise and physiotherapy are sufficient in most patients with calcaneal spur.
  • Cold and heat therapies help to relieve the pain and improve the blood flow to the area.


In case of heal pain, it is better to visit an orthopaedic before it gets worse. If you are obese, reducing weight helps. Consult a doctor to ensure you use appropriate footwear during regular exercise.


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