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What causes Sinusitis?

  • November 19, 2018

Sinuses are small air spaces located behind the forehead, cheekbones, eyes and nose. These sinuses produce mucus, which keeps the nose moist and protects against allergens, pollutants and dust. In cold or in cases of allergies, excess of mucus is common. Sometimes this mucus encourages germs or bacteria to grow in sinus cavity. This leads to bacterial or viral infections.

Common sinus problems

Blockage- Sinus has narrow spot, which is known as transition space. This is an opening space responsible for drainage. When blockage occurs in transition space of any sinuses, mucus moves up and blocks the sinus.

Deviated nasal septum- Nasal septum is thin wall of bone and cartilage of nasal cavity. This separates two nasal passages equally. If this nasal septum is deviated due to injury or genetics, this leads to one nasal passage smaller than other. So it may causes sinus and snoring problems.

Nasal bone spur-It is a bone growth in the nose.

Nasal polyps - Non cancerous growths in nose.

How to Protect Sinuses

  • Drink more fluids. This helps to thin the mucus.
  • To open the transition spaces, apply warm and moist washcloth to face several times in a day.
  • Use nasal saline sprays.
  • Regularly wash the nose with salt and warm water.
  • To reduce the risks of sinusitis take flu vaccination every year.
  • Take healthy diet, such as fresh fruits and vegetables every day.
  • Avoid exposure to smoke, pollens, chemicals and allergens.
  • Steam inhalation helps to relieve sinusitis


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