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Two meditation breaks a day, keeps stress away

  • February 05, 2018

As end of financial year approaches, several executives in business world come under stress. Targets to be met, business for next year to be analysed, targets for next year to be decided, what not? All these things increase stress levels. In general, for many of us, stress has become an integral part of life. Stress has negative impact on our body. An expert said “It’s hard to think of an illness in which stress and mood don’t figure.”

Research has shown that meditation has positive impact on most diseases including skin diseases. According to research, meditation increases electrical activity in the area of brain called ‘left frontal lobe’, which can make you optimistic.

Meditation is helpful in relieving anxiety, stress, fatigue, and general mood. It is also is helpful to manage sleep disturbances. Overall, meditation improves quality of life.

Positive effects of meditation on blood pressure reduction are such, even American Heart Association recommends meditation for management of blood pressure.

Meditation, which is thousands of years old practice, was initially developed to understand mystical nature of the universe. In the modern world, benefits of meditation have extended beyond mysticism to management of anxiety, asthma, cancer, chronic pain, depression, heart disease, high blood, pressure, Irritable bowel syndrome, sleep problems, tension headaches, etc.

So, take two fifteen min meditation breaks in a day, you will find it beneficial to improve your overall wellbeing, to reduce stress and to improve your work performance.

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