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Tips to Stay Healthy and Safe During Christmas & New Year

  • December 20, 2021

Christmas and the New Year are times of celebration and joy. Take precautions so that it does not become a time of stress and worry. With the celebrations upon us, there is no better time to examine our health and well-being.

It is critical to remember COVID-19-related safety protocols to have a safe and memorable celebration. As the coronavirus continues to mutate and spread in various countries around the world, you must take the utmost care of yourself and your loved ones. Furthermore, fatigue, stress, anxiety and emotional disturbances are just some of the mental health issues that we can experience during this time of year.

We need to be aware of how to avoid any health issues and what to do if they occur. There are some safety precautions that you need to keep in mind so that you can enjoy the celebrations without too many hurdles. The following safety tips will help you stay safe.

Mindful Eating

It’s easy to let go and binge on all the food and drinks this festive season. But practicing mindful eating would be beneficiary. Keep healthy food choices, such as fruits and vegetables, readily available in cabinets, cupboards and the refrigerator to encourage healthy eating habits. And spacing out the binge days will also help the body recover from the high calorie intake.

Care for children

The first thing you should do is establish a set of rules for your children and their friends. This can help ensure that no one gets injured or sick while they're visiting you this Christmas. Steps like wearing a mask, long sleeves, staying hydrated, and not eating too much sugar are all important things to remember when hosting children during Christmas.

Follow COVID guidelines

While celebrating this holiday season, community members and visitors should follow public health guidelines, including wearing a mask and social distancing, which are intended to limit the spread of COVID-19 irrespective of your vaccination status.

Follow these safety tips to keep yourself and others safe.

  • Always wear a mask whenever you step out.
  • Avoid large crowds and poorly ventilated areas.
  • Limit physical interactions such as handshakes and hugs.
  • Avoid touching surfaces such as doorknobs, tables, and chairs.

Stay hydrated

You must drink enough water at all times! Adequate hydration is crucial for all of us. This helps to maintain energy and reduce fatigue, reduce toxins in the body, and boost the immune system, among other things.

Celebrate Outdoor

If you are hosting or attending one, consider having a family gathering or party outside with plenty of open space. The risk of COVID-19 transmission is greatly increased in poorly ventilated indoor environments.

Keep it to just one

It is recommended that you limit your participation in a get-together to one event. Participating in multiple family gatherings raises the risk of COVID-19 transmission because the number of households involved rises.

These are some simple but important tips to remember for a worry-free celebration. Because confined-space parties and gatherings pose a significant risk, you must practice good hand and respiratory hygiene too. We sign off wishing you A Merry Christmas and A Happy 2022.