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Tips for mindful eating during Diwali

  • November 01, 2021

Diwali is here, and it is time to start thinking about what you are going to eat. But it can also be a time when people eat without a thought about their health. Awareness is key to being mindful of what we put in our body during Diwali. This year, why not make an effort to make your celebration more mindful by incorporating some simple practices into the festivities?

Mindful eating is simply eating with full awareness of all five senses. It can be practiced anywhere - in a restaurant, at home or even in the office. Mindful eating can help you become aware of how much food you're consuming and will encourage you to take time out of your day for self-care.

Here are a few tips that will help you practice mindful eating:

Small bites

Consuming small portions is the best way to practice mindful eating. Small bites allow your brain enough time to signal when to stop. Instead of stuffing your stomach with sweets and desserts all at once, you can enjoy them gradually in intervals.


It is always difficult to say "NO" to sweets offered by loved ones, especially during the festive season. Nothing to be concerned about! Simply choose a small portion, eat it mindfully, and enjoy the experience. Following that, make up for your extra caloric intake with your subsequent meals. More fiber (salads, veggies), more protein, and fewer carbs.

Be a health-conscious host.

When entertaining guests, provide healthier alternatives to oily snacks and sugar-laden sweets. Replace them with healthy nuts such as almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, raisins, or dried cherries. You can also serve snacks such as dhokla, sprout-chaat, fruit salad, and so on. Avoid serving soft drinks or artificial juices, fresh fruit juice is a better option here.

Sip these drinks

Herbal teas, which are high in antioxidants, aid digestion. Drinking green tea can increase your metabolism and help you burn calories during festivals. It also aids in the reduction of excess fat that accumulates after Diwali. Drinking peppermint tea or caraway seed water aids digestion. They also help to keep our blood vessels clean and our minds alert.

Daily workout

Last but not least, remember to exercise! Workouts would rev up your body's metabolism, allowing you to burn calories more quickly. It's best to work out before going out to a party. When you eat at the party, your metabolism will be boosted, allowing you to burn more calories.

Your health should always be your priority, and to maintain it, you should think twice before eating anything. It encourages you to be conscious of what you eat and what you shouldn't.

Have a great time, have fun and stay mindful! Happy Diwali!