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Sedentary office is a bad office

  • November 26, 2016

Sitting for long time has bad impact on heart, can also cause chronic diseases like joint problems, diabetes and even early death.

Recently international group of experts from UK, USA and Australia convened a meeting to guide employees to avoid prolonged sedentary work. The group recommended that sedentary employees should aim to initially achieve 2 h/day of standing or light physical activity and later should progress and achieve 4 h/day of standing or light physical activity.  They recommended the following:

  • Split work between sitting and standing activities
  •  Promote use of sit-stand desks
  • Take short active standing breaks
  • Improve nutrition, avoid alcohol and smoking

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Disclaimer: This article is for educational purpose only. Please consult a qualified doctor before taking any decisions regarding recommendations in the article or for more information.

Source: Br J Sports Med. 2015;49(21):1357-62.