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Pests and insects in monsoon: 8 ways how to control them

  • July 24, 2017

With the monsoon, comes the problem of pests as well. Pests are bad not only from aesthetics and hygiene point of view but they are also bad for health. Here are some of the tips to keep pests and insects away in the monsoon season.

Install window nets and screens on all doors and windows and repair the broken ones. These nets keep away almost all pests and insects from entering the house. They can be found in all hardware stores.

Remove any stagnant water from home because it is the breeding ground from all insects and bugs, especially mosquitoes (causing malaria, dengue, etc.).

Keep bathrooms dry and clean. A wet and unclean bathroom invites earthworms and leeches. It also breeds mosquitoes. Always clean and dry the bathroom after use.

Clear garbage from your home, every day. Keep the surroundings clean as well. Dirty areas and garbage is the habitat of many dangerous insects and mosquitoes.

Keep camphor in your home as it is a very effective mosquito and pest repellent. Keep some camphor in cupboards and light a piece of camphor in all rooms for 15 minutes to kill all mosquitoes and insects.

Try to plant tulsi at home because tulsi kills mosquito larvae and prevents mosquitoes from entering home. It is best to keep a small tulsi plant on the windows of your home.

Clean your bedding to remove any kind of dust and bugs present on it. Unclean beddings attract bed bugs making your sleep less comfortable.

Clean away the mess in your home. Presence of clutter in home is a very good hiding place for insects and pests. Remove any extra boxes or newspapers at home. Keep your laundry clean and dry.

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