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Monsoon is arriving

  • July 07, 2017

After terrible heat wave that swept across the country, finally monsoon is arriving. To our good luck, it is arriving on time this year. Monsoon is a great season of joy where the life erupts itself into its fullest form. Every place looks lush green giving visual treat. However, there are some health related cautions that we should take with arrival of monsoon. Here are few things one must be aware of.

1. Keep yourself and your surroundings dry as the wet places can harbour bacteria and fungus 

2. Don’t get wet in rain, although enjoyable, it can easily cause upper respiratory infections

3. Take care of your eyes as infections like conjunctivitis are more common in monsoon season

4. Protect yourself from mosquitoes, which grow abundantly in monsoon season and can cause malaria, dengue and other communicable diseases

5. Follow healthy diet, thoroughly wash all fruits and vegetables before consuming and make sure the water that you use is clean 

6. Drink enough water; you may tend to think that you are not dehydrating but you actually may be dehydrating

Enjoy the monsoon but take care of your health. 

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Disclaimer: Don’t follow any suggestions in this article without consulting a qualified doctor

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