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Maintaining Brain Health

  • August 27, 2019

Most of us have a great focus on our body health but we do not focus much on brain health. It is also important to take care of your brain like the rest of your body. Here are some tips to improve brain health.

1. Exercise regularly: Exercise helps to improve blood supply, enhance mood, stimulates positive chemical changes and thinking. Exercise also improves sleep quality, which is important for brain health. Studies have suggested that exercise helps to reduce the risk of brain diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Do mental exercises: Mental activities like solving puzzle etc. can help to improve brain functioning and promote new brain cell growth.

3. Eat healthily: Include vegetables, fruits, and fish in your diet. These help to improve the health of the brain.

4. Mingle: Spending time with others is useful to stimulate the brain, to have a support system and to reduce stress.

5. Rest: Take sufficient rest and sleep well. Sleep helps to remove toxic build-up, to relieve stress and to enhance your mood.

6. Keep your body healthy: Prevent and control other conditions like hypertension, diabetes, head injuries, smoking, heavy drinking, high cholesterol, etc. Anything that affects other parts of the body can also affect the brain.

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Disclaimer: Don't follow any suggestions in this article without consulting a qualified doctor


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