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Lets Work Together to Create a Tobacco-Free Generation

  • June 06, 2022

On May 31, World No Tobacco Day is commemorated to raise awareness about the harm caused by tobacco usage. Tobacco use kills more than 80 lakh people worldwide each year. As per WHO, it is one of the major causes of death and disease in India and accounts for nearly 1.35 million deaths every year. India is also the second-largest consumer and producer of tobacco

How does tobacco harm your body?

Toxic chemicals in tobacco smoke reach your brain, heart, and other organs within 10 seconds after your first puff. Tobacco use affects practically every organ in the body and increases your risk of several diseases.

  • Nicotine constricts your veins and arteries. This can harm your heart by causing it to operate quicker and harder, slowing your circulation and reducing oxygen to your feet and hands.
  • Carbon monoxide robs your heart of the oxygen it requires to circulate blood throughout your body. Your airways swell with time, allowing less air into your lungs.
  • Tar is a sticky material that coats your lungs in the same way as soot does in a chimney.
  • The hair-like cells in your airways are paralysed and killed by phenols. These cells sweep the lining of your airways clean and protect them from infection.
  • Tobacco smoke contains tiny particles that irritate your throat and lungs, resulting in a smoker's cough.' This causes you to create more mucus and harms your lung tissue.
  • Ammonia and formaldehyde cause irritation in the eyes, nose, and throat. Cancer-causing substances cause your cells to grow improperly or too quickly. This can lead to the formation of cancer cells.

Here are a few ways to resist tobacco cravings

Find replacement

For some smokers, finishing a meal means lighting up, and the notion of quitting might be terrifying. Here's an easy solution to this problem. Replace that moment with something like a piece of fruit, a (healthy) dessert, a piece of chocolate, a stick of gum, or simply sucking on a straw.

Deep breathing

It should be practised on a daily basis, and should be used whenever you have an unwarranted craving. You can also take a brief workout. Just do 5-10 push-ups whenever you feel the temptation to smoke. Because engaging your mind and body in a new task will rapidly divert them.

Use relaxing techniques.

Smoking could have been a way for you to cope with stress. Resisting a cigarette addiction can be hard in and of itself. Relaxation activities, such as yoga, visualisation, massage, or listening to relaxing music, can help to reduce stress.

Try nicotine replacement therapy.

Consult your doctor about nicotine replacement therapy. Among the alternatives are:

  • Prescription nicotine in the form of a nasal spray or inhaler
  • Nicotine patches, gum, and lozenges are available without a prescription.
  • Non-nicotine smoking cessation medications such as bupropion (Aplenzin, Contrave, and others) and varenicline are available on prescription (Chantix, Tyrvaya)

On World Tobacco Day, Let's take a pledge to adopt a healthy lifestyle.