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International Day for Disabled persons

  • December 06, 2021

Last week, i.e. on December 3rd, was a day dedicated for people with disabilities, (PWD), known as the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD). In the 21st Century, over one billion people worldwide have disclosed that they have some form of disability.

Importance of the day

People with disabilities face not only psychological barriers, but also physical, social, and economic barriers that keep them in a suffocating situation. This day is observed to highlight the importance of inclusion of disabled people in our society which will promote equal participation and contribution to society. The day also highlights how disparity has made disabled people miss important opportunities that could have helped build a stable and celebrated life. 

International Day for disabled people recognizes the achievements and significant changes that have enhanced developments. This year the theme is the ‘leadership and participation of disabled people in political, social and economic avenues globally’.

Current scenario

According to United Nations, the global crisis of COVID-19 has deepened the existing inequality. It has opened up the extent of elimination and exclusion of disabled people, ignoring their imperative contributions. The fraternity is amongst the hardest hit in times of crisis. With the inclusion, suppressing the virus will be more successful and treatment will reach more people, narrowing the disparity gap.

Road ahead

Disable people have created phenomenal results when included in various segments be it from factories to offices to Paralympics. It has only encouraged global citizens in terms of persistence, fight back attitude and celebrating as you are. They have enhanced perceptions that have hurdled the path of disabled people over the years.

The United Nations Disability Inclusion Strategy helps build a base for stable and life-changing progress for the disabled. Across all pillars of work from the desk to the field, disabled people will get recognized and valued for their priceless spirit and skills.

Ways You Can Support The Differently-Abled

Here are few ways that you can help create a more inclusive society and workplace:

Ask first and follow their lead

Don't assume that people with disabilities would always require some assistance in leading their lives and the first step is to treat them as equals. Ask if they need anything to make the process more effective or easier for them. If they do ask for help, ask for specific instructions on how you can help.

Speak Clearly, and Listen

We naturally try to avoid awkwardness and may unknowingly try to avoid interacting with colleagues with disability, creating a real feeling of exclusion. While interacting with person with disability, use clear sentences, simple words and tangible concepts. Try matching their pace of conversation and let them finish their sentences without interrupting them.

Make Them Feel Confident

The first step towards inclusion is acceptance from your end. At work and in the community, the self-esteem, performance and job satisfaction of employees with disabilities are profoundly impacted by the attitudes of co-workers and peers. Negative attitudes in the workplace or in social circles are often the greatest barriers to inclusion and career advancement for people with disabilities.

Be aware of personal space

Some people who use a mobility aid, such as a wheelchair, walker or cane, see these aids as part of their personal space. Similarly, never start to push someone’s wheelchair without first asking the occupant’s permission. Don’t touch, move or lean on mobility aids. This is also important for safety.

When setting meetings/events, check accessibility

Confirm a meeting/social event place in advance and send detailed instructions on the accessibility of the venue. Ask if there is anything you can do to prepare for the event to make sure everyone is able to participate fully.

Take away message

People with disabilities deserve dignity, respect and equal opportunities to lead an appreciative life. If we expand our minds and embrace them with their realities, we will surely build a much better generation filled with kind human beings.

 myHealthmeter supports and encourages equality and inclusion of disabled people in all avenues of work. We all should embrace the disabled and raise their bar to be specially-abled people. Inclusion will only make this planet a better place for us and our future generations.