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Incorporating wellbeing into your working life: 5 important tips

  • October 24, 2017

It is very essential to be aware of how to take care of our wellbeing both in personal and professional life. Working on your professional wellbeing can improve certain mental health problems and help you to flourish personally as well as professionally. Below we provide 5 important tips of introducing wellbeing into your workplace.

1.Connecting: It has been shown in studies that being connected with others, brings about a feeling of higher value and wellbeing. Connecting with co-workers can be done by simple ways such as asking them how their weekend went, trying to know their interests out of work and having breakfast or lunch with them.

2. Being active: Instead of sitting down for the whole day at work, try to be physically active by taking a brisk walk during lunch or break, taking stairs instead of lift, participating with colleagues in some kind of sports activity after work hours. Being active improves health outcomes and wellbeing.

3.Being aware: Always be aware of the surrounding environment in your workplace and start noticing what’s happening around. Being in the present moment will improve your wellbeing. You can do so by simple ways such as not using headphones so as to pay attention to surroundings, notice your co-workers’ feelings and moods, your own moods and how they affect others.

4. Learning: There is no age for learning. Always try to learn in workplace. It will keep you motivated, busy, improve your skills and bring self-confidence in you. Ask your co-workers with a different job role about their work, make a group with your colleagues where each of you can impart some knowledge and research something you have always wanted to learn.  

5.Giving: Always be ready to provide help of any kind to your colleagues. People who help other have reported higher feelings of wellbeing. Just incorporate small acts of kindness in your behavior such as buying someone a cup of coffee, picking something for a colleague or trying to reduce the stress of colleagues.

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Disclaimer: Don’t follow any suggestions in this article without consulting a qualified doctor

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