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How to select right moisturiser this winter?

  • November 12, 2018

Dry skin is very common during winter season. Sometimes scaling, itching and cracking occurs if skin is not moisturized properly. So applying good moisturisers at the first sign of chill proves helpful in winter. It is always important to select right kind of moistures for your skin type. If skin is extremely dry, look for petroleum based products.

Replace chemical moisturizers with natural alternatives

Always use natural moisturisers like coconut oil, butter, olive oil, honey and yoghurt rather than using chemical moistures. Milk and butter softens the skin while yoghurt acts as a hydrating agent and prevents dryness and itching. Honey contains natural anti oxidants, it helps to keep skin soft and smooth.

Eat oil and drink more water during winter

During winter naturally skin loses its moisture. Eating healthy oil rejuvenates the skin and makes it healthy. So take Olive oil or coconut oil or avocado oil daily in your diet. They soften and smoothen the skin. To keep the body hydrated internally and externally, drink more water in winters as water is lost through respiration if not by sweating.

Lifestyle remedies

Simple changes in life style can help to prevent dry skin

  • Take more seasonal fruits, fibers, vegetables in your diet.
  • Don’t use too hot water for bath or shower.
  • Always use moisturizing soaps for bath during winters.
  • Apply moisturizers immediately after shower.
  • Avoid scrubbing and itching the dry patches.
  • Always drink more water to keep body hydrated.
  • Apply moistures twice or thrice daily.

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