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How to prevent frequent cold?

  • January 09, 2018

Common cold, the most common illness in humans, is usually caused by viruses. Viruses that cause colds can be transmitted through close contact with the infected person by inhaling a tiny droplet of mucus entering the air from the nasal passage of the infected person. It can also be spread by touching the surfaces that have been contacted by the infected person. Though it is difficult to completely prevent cold, here are some measures that can help to prevent frequent cold.

  • Maintaining hand hygienic: Washing hands often, is the best measure to prevent frequent cold, can destroy viruses that you have acquired from objects or surfaces used by other infected people. While visiting public places, always carry hand sanitizer or sanitizing hand wipes.
  • Quit smoking: As smoking can cause irritation to the airways, it increases the susceptibility to cold and other infections. Exposure to passive smoking can also make you more prone to cold.  
  • Keeping household surfaces and objects clean: Always clean all household surfaces and commonly-used objects frequently with soap water or with a disinfectant solution to avoid transmission of infection from others.
  • Using paper towels: As germs can be alive for several hours on cloth materials, use paper towels in the kitchen and bathroom after the hand wash.
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle: Healthy diet, regular exercise and adequate sleep can make your immune system competent to fight against infection.
  • Controlling stress:  As stress weakens your immune system, controlling stress is important to prevent infection with viruses that cause cold

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