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How to handle winter smog?

  • December 26, 2017

Winter smog, is a problem in most of the cities of India. In many cases, smog is so thick that visibility considerably reduces. Smog is because of particles generated on incomplete burning of material. Various particles accumulate in the smog making it a dangerous mixture for health. Here are few of the steps that can be taken in presence of winter smog.

  1. Do an online search on air quality index of your area before going outdoors
  2. If you have allergies or respiratory problems or any other condition that can be triggered by air pollution, keep your medications with you while going outdoors
  3. You can contribute to air quality by using public transport, walking or car pooling
  4. Avoid smoke inside the house or minimize it as much as possible
  5. Avoid water leakage inside the house so that moulds do not grow
  6. Eat healthy and warm food; include ample of fruits and vegetables in your diet
  7. Drink clean and ample of water
  8. If you have respiratory conditions, avoid congested areas
  9. Avoid outdoor exercise, especially in smoggy areas
  10. Wear pollution mask while going outside and also cover your skin
  11. Better to keep your windows closed

Winter is a season where respiratory conditions are exacerbated and smog is an indication of pollution. Keep yourself healthy by avoiding smog and also by contributing to cleaner environment.

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Disclaimer: This article is for educational purpose only. Please consult a qualified doctor before taking any decisions regarding recommendations in the article or for more information.