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High fruit and vegetable consumption decreases pre-diabetes

  • December 11, 2017

Diabetes is highly prevalent in India and numbers of young diabetic patients is alarmingly increasing. In addition, there is increase in incidence of pre-diabetes. Pre-diabetes is a condition where the blood sugar levels are most of the times at borderline. This stage is crucial because diabetes can be prevented with dietary modifications, regular exercise and weigh reduction. According to estimates, at least 6 to 15% of Indians are at this stage of “pre-diabetes”.

According to a recent research, those who consumed higher quantities of fruits and vegetables were less likely to develop pre-diabetes when compared to those who consumed less fruits and vegetables. Specifically, in the research, cabbage family vegetables and berries were found to decrease risk of pre-diabetes.

Anti-oxidants and micronutrients present in various food items are helpful in prevention of diabetes. According to studies, food items like fenugreek seeds, psyllium seeds, millets, bitter gourd, brown rice, quinoa, cinnamon, legumes, etc. are helpful in preventing diabetes. In addition, it is recommended to lose weight to reach optimum weight for your height. Exercise for at least 45 min a day is recommended.

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