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Healthy snacking at work

  • April 03, 2017

Who does not like munching a snack with colleagues at work place to take the mind away from work once in a while? However, it is important to take care of health as well.  Here is a list of some readily available and healthy snacks to eat in office:

  • Almonds rich in protein, fats, vitamin E and fibre will make you feel full and satisfied.
  • Popcorn, a whole grain rich in fibre, will fulfil your hunger. Add seasonings like cinnamon, pepper, turmeric to satisfy cravings to eat spicy and crunchy.
  • Fresh fruits, a source of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, contain natural sugar which strengthens immunity and improves performance at work.
  • Dried fruit like dried apricots, raisins, apples or bananas, rich in fibre and potassium satisfy craving to eat sweet and chewy.
  • Dark chocolate, a sweet healthy snack rich in magnesium, boosts mood and relieves stress.
  • Nut butters like peanut or almond butter, paired with apple or banana make a healthy tasty treat. Rich in protein and carbohydrates it will keep you full and stabilise sugar.
  • Bean Sprouts topped with onion, tomatoes and coriander make a healthy and rich in fibre snack, that can be eaten any time of the day.

Snacks can have oil, salt and tastemakers, eating a lot of them can harm you

Moreover, snacks are high in calories and low in nutrients, usually containing harmful chemicals

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Disclaimer: Don’t follow any suggestions in this article without consulting a qualified doctor


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