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Health Tips & Precautions To Take During The Monsoon

  • June 18, 2018

With the arrival of monsoon, risk of some diseases increase. Following hygienic measures and taking some basic preventive measures can help to avoid health issues. Following are some precautions to be taken during monsoon.

1. Take right food: Avoid junk food and outside food. Take fresh vegetables and fruits to boost the body immunity. To avoid germs wash leafy vegetables with salt water before cooking.

2. Always drink purified water: To prevent water born disease, carry water bottle and avoid drinking tap water from outside.

3. Wash hands frequently: Wash hands frequently or use sanitizer to avoid infections. Most infections spread due to dirty hands.

4. Keep surroundings clean: To avoid infections and diseases, keep your surroundings clean. Don’t let water stagnate in surroundings as this increases mosquito breeding.

5. Wear full sleeve clothes: To avoid mosquito bites always wear full sleeves clothes.

6. Keep house mosquito proof: To avoid entering mosquitoes in house fix net on windows and doors. It can avoid various types of diseases like typhoid, malaria, dengue etc.

7. Use mosquito repellents: With the beginning of monsoon there is a boost in mosquito population. Applying mosquito repellants in home is one of the important precautionary measures.

8. Avoid transmission of disease: Use separate hand towels to avoid the transmission of disease causing bacteria.

9. Avoid getting drenched: Don’t get wet in rain or stay in wet clothes for a long time as this causes cold and fever.

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