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Five ways to stay healthy in winter

  • November 06, 2017

Beauty of earth is its seasons. Seasons not only break monotony but are sustainers of life on planet earth. Winter is arriving and has arrived in many parts. With change in seasons, we also have to make changes to our lifestyle. Here are five lifestyle changes helpful in winter:

Move: It’s easy to get lethargic in winter but to maintain health move out and expose yourself to sun. Do regular physical activity. Plan and have recreational activity with your family in the winter. In cold season, more you exercise, the better.

Eat healthy: Winter can tempt you to eat high calorie food but keep away from high calorie food. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables provide plenty of nutrients that can help you fight winter diseases.

Have milk: Yes, milk is rich in nutrients that can fight cold in winter.

Have good breakfast: Have hot, healthy and nutritious breakfast in the morning. It is not only an enjoyable activity in the morning but also provides you enough energy for whole day.

Drink enough water: Have good amount of water as well. There is water loss from the body in the winter as well. Most of the water lost is through lungs during respiration, unlike skin during summer.

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Source: NHS Choises.