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Feeling constipated too often Follow these natural health hacks

  • August 12, 2019

Meeting someone who never faced constipation is akin to a miracle in the modern world. In fact, we adults have almost grown insensitive towards our constipation.

The inconvenience caused by constipation can remain quite minor but ignorance can make it just worse.

So, what is the Ayurveda point of view on constipation?

  • Simply put, it is an inability to pass stool on time or passing dry stool. Any kind of difficulty in passing stools or feeling that your intestinal tract is not clean even after using the toilet are some of the common notions associated with constipation. Acidity and gastritis can also be related with this common ailment.
  • People who feel constipated may also feel bloated at times. Sometimes, a period of constipation is followed by a period of diarrhea, also known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and this cycle continues for many years.

Let us take a look at what causes constipation in the first place. The primary causes of constipation could be listed as follows:

Lack of fiber

  • If you are not consuming enough fiber or roughage, then constipation is bound to follow.
  • Ideally, our diet should contain at least some roughage that helps the bowel movement so that the stool is passed easily and without any discomfort. This roughage also helps in cleaning up the intestines and keeping them healthy. Lack of roughage on one hand and excessive use of deep fried, heavy, drying food, on the other hand, could be the culprit.


  • It is no wonder that many people are not drinking enough water. Lubrication is important for the intestines as well as the colon as it helps in letting these two work properly.
  • When you are dehydrated, the body will naturally have issues in movement.

Medical conditions and medications

  • In the case of a sluggish thyroid or other hormonal issues or some neurological disorders, problems with the bowels are common. Metabolic disorders are also the culprits in this case.
  • The medications commonly prescribed for pain can also cause constipation. In fact, it is a common side effect of many medications.

Avoiding the urge

  • When you naturally want to release the bowels, you may delay the urge for several reasons. However, doing so repeatedly could be the reason why your body is now constipated.
  • Excessive use of laxatives
  • People who are constipated often resort to different types of laxatives. They are good if used sparingly. However, if you use them regularly or almost daily, then you are allowing your body to totally depend on such external support.

Irregular habits

  • Erratic sleeping and waking schedules will make it difficult for you to make a proper bowel movement schedule. Ideally, there should always be a definite time for passing the bowels.
  • When our toilet schedules are erratic, undefined and totally confused, constipation is bound to happen.

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