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Eight simple tips for taking care of yourself in summer

  • May 11, 2016

Global warming has made summer a difficult season to handle. Rising global temperatures has made heat wave more common all over the world. Heat wave can have devastating effect and can be deadly as it causes heat stroke and heat stress. More than 2400 people died in Sothern India because of harsh summer in the year 2015.1

“More than 2400 people died in Sothern India because of harsh summer in the year 2015.”

Here are the eight tips for healthy summer:

1Prepare: Prepare well for summer, especially when travelling. While travelling you may not get easy access to food and water. Keep enough food and water so that you remain hydrated and energetic.

2. Avoid going out in hot sun: Sunlight is intense during 11 AM to 4 PM. Avoid going out during this time to avoid dehydration, skin burn and discomfort.

3. Protect yourself from sun: Sunlight has harmful radiations called as ultraviolet radiations. Exposure to ultraviolet radiations can cause tanning, skin burn and even skin cancer. To prevent skin damage – seek shades, apply sunscreen (with SPF of ≥15), wear sun glasses and wear loose fitting, tightly woven cotton clothing.

4. Stay hydrated: Keeping yourself hydrated is very important. Dehydration can be fatal in summer. Drink water or fruit juice regularly.

5. Avoid alcohol: Alcohol can cause dehydration as it can remove water from your body.

6. Swimming or bathing: Swimming and bathing can help to keep your body cool and thus keep you relaxed in summer. Use extreme caution if you plan to swim in river or stream.

7. Keep a close watch on your body: Heat stroke and severe dehydration can be dangerous. If you or anyone around you shows altered mental state or is not sweating or has vomiting/vomiting sensation, visit nearby hospital immediately.

8. Food safety: There is an increase in risk of foodborne illnesses because of warmer temperature and several other factors. Maintain food hygiene while cooking and eating. Make sure that water, food items and utensils are clean.


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