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Cycling to office: Why you should consider it?

  • December 03, 2018

Physical inactivity is an important reason of ill-health. People do not exercise enough because of various reasons like lack of awareness, time, negative attitude etc. For those who do not find enough time to exercise, active travel could be a good option. Active travel means commuting by a bicycle or by walk to your workplace or to other places. As travelling is an essential part of life, travel can be used save exercise time and to enhance health.

Research shows that active travel improves cardiovascular health, can prevent conditions like cancer and also delay death from any cause including heart disease. In fact, research so overwhelmingly supports active travel that it is recommended by the UK National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as physical activity that can be incorporated into daily life.

However, there are some limitations to active commute like walking or cycling. Limitations like poor physical fitness, lack of time or long distance to office can stop you from active travel. Research shows that in such cases use of e-bicycles, which can help to pull through steep climbs can be as effective as active cycling. E-cycling also improves physical activity levels and thus contribute to health.

It’s time to cycle or walk to your office!

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Source: Bourne JE, Sauchelli S, Perry R, et al. Health benefits of electrically-assisted cycling: a systematic review. Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act. 2018; 15: 116