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  • May 13, 2019

A person can get itchy red hot hives on skin due to variety of reasons. The hives that erupt due to sweat, nervousness or heat, and are called cholinergic urticarial or heat hives. It is common condition in people who are being extremely sensitive to heat.

They are mainly caused due to nerve fibres in sweat glands, and skin reacts to heat when body temperature goes up. The person may get hives due to hot shower, sweat from exercise, hot climate, etc. Some of the symptoms of hives are itching, tingling, and warm feeling. They're usually small red bumps with flares or circles around them called wheals.

Heat hives can show up anywhere on the body but it mostly occurs on the chest, face, upper back, and arms. They appear suddenly and can last for 30 minutes to one hour before they fade away. Heat hives occur in all people around the world and are a common type of physical hives and up to 15% of people in the general world population that suffers from chronic hives also will have heat hives.

Heat hives can occur at any age and there have been many cases where it has been reported in children as young as 3-year-old. A dermatologist or doctor will diagnose heat hives on the basis of how they look and rule out other causes such as foods to eat. The dermatologist may recommend to take cool shower, loose clothing, stay in cool atmosphere and may prescribe anti-histamines.

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