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Alarming signs in children that suggest diabetes

  • April 06, 2016

“India has about 70000 children with type 1 diabetes mellitus most of them in the age group of less than 12 years.”

Increasingly children are developing diabetes in India. About 70,000 children in India suffer from diabetes, the number may be higher than that as many children go undiagnosed with diabetes or do not have access to right medical care in India. Diabetes in children is called as ‘juvenile diabetes’ and unlike in adult diabetes, juvenile diabetes is due to deficiency of insulin and the children need lifelong insulin shots as treatment.1


Genetic factors, Viral Infections, Environmental factors and early introduction to cow’s milk are the major factors that expose growing children to become the victim of diabetes.2 In adolescents, lack of regular exercise and abdominal fat has become the significant contributing factors for increasing incidences of diabetes.3 In addition to this, kids consuming unhealthy diet, less fruit and vegetable intake and increased intake of trans-fats are other major factors causing juvenile diabetes.4


What are the warning signs?


Talk to child specialist if you notice any of symptoms like increased thirst and frequent urination, extreme hunger, weight loss, blurred vision, or fatigue.”


Watch out for these signs on a daily basis. These hints will help you to take immediate measures in protecting the wellbeing of your children and ensuring the management of diabetes to be hassle free.5

Increased thirst and recurrent urination: As excess sugar builds up in bloodstream, fluid is pulled from the tissues and this leaves the child thirsty. Hence, the child may drink fluids and urinate more than usual.

Extreme hunger: There will be energy depletion in muscles and organs due to inadequate amount of insulin to move sugar into body cells. As a result, there will be intense hunger.

Weight loss and fatigue: Even after eating more to relieve hunger, the child may lose weight sometimes rapidly. Unexplained weight loss and lethargy are often the first signs to be noticed.

Blurred vision: Changes in the eye-sight, usually characterized by the inability to read and focus clearly are observed. The child may not complain, since it does not know what is normal. It becomes imperative for the parent to be observant about this behavior.

Yeast infection: Girls usually suffer from genital yeast infection, and babies can develop diaper rash caused by yeast.

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