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A revolutionary way to manage your health

  • February 02, 2021


Before the coronavirus era and the subsequent pandemic, health and wellness had a poor track record in adopting digital technologies. However, in response to the pandemic, everyone prefers health care to be delivered where physical contact is minimal. The approach to using digital tools is undergoing a substantial and rapid shift. Although they were already well established but not widely adopted. myHealthmeter was one of the few leading health & wellness service partners offering  the provision of health care through remote consultation and managing health on the go through myHealthmeter’s co-branded health APP for you.

Here are few tools that make managing health and wellness worry-free:

Personal Health Account

Keeping track of all different check-ups and record can be a challenge. If you have one Personal Health Account that is constantly updated with all your health check-up reports, then managing your health will be like a cup of coffee. myHealthmeter understands this concern hence it offers you an  individual health account to access all information instantly and securely.

Your Wellness Inbox

In today's fast-paced world, we ignore many important things in life, one of which is our health. Moreover, Health Records or prescriptions are often misplaced or lost. Therefore, it is vital to ensure they are available as and when required to support the care and treatment. The simple solution provided by myHealthmeter is to have all your digitized medical reports and prescriptions at one place. So you never miss anything important. Having medical reports at one place will save valuable time during emergency situations.

Appointments on the go

Preventive health is a need for every family and can be required at any point round the year. myHealthmeter APP is your 1 stop shop for all requirements like routine blood tests at medical centres of your choice, doctor consultations, preventive dental care, nutritionist counseling, vaccinations, hospital admission assistance and more. Choose from best accredited medical centres across India.

Final thought

According to the World Health Organization, "health is a state of physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing and not merely the absence of a disease." We may be free of any disease, but may still not qualify as being healthy. Because Health is vital and should be monitored constantly. Hence one must undergo periodic check-ups to monitor weight, blood pressure, levels of hemoglobin, ECG (electronic cardiogram) etc. myHealthmeter APP allows you to store all your health check-up reports and gives you the ability to compare all current reports with past reports through the Health Trends feature. This helps one assess the progress of own health and make a better change in lifestyle and disease management as per status of health.

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