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5 ways to boost immunity during COVID-19

  • August 10, 2020

The pandemic continues to teach us tough lessons. And the fight against COVID-19 is even tougher. But a strong immune system can bring down the risk of getting infected. It can also raise the speed of recovery at a drastic level. Let's explore these simple ways to boost the warrior within your body. COVID-19 has made everyone to understand the significance of cleanliness by proper handwashing and maintaining social distancing. There are several evidence-based protective measures to ensure we are as healthy as possible to fight off infection. Our immunity system is the biggest and most powerful weapon in our armour to help our body fight against infections. Here are the top 5 ways to boost your immunity against COVID-19

1. Maintain high activity levels

This way your body produces antibodies and T-cells that boost your immunity levels immensely. During physical activity, many toxins of the body are released through sweat and energize your cells, thus boosting metabolism. Consistent workouts help reduce stress hormones like cortisol. At the same time, try to maintain good sleep cycle and avoid gadgets around you for a peaceful sleep.

2. Eat correctly

Eat a healthy diet including fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Pay attention to the food portions that you eat to stay fit and active throughout the day. This way your body receives the correct amount and specific nutrient that helps you to build a stronger immunity system. Immune booster foods like fruits rich in Vitamin C, green veggies rich in Vitamin B12 and appetizers like homemade curd and pickle are a boon to your gut health and blood cells.

3. Meditate

During the pandemic, it has been experienced that restricted movement and less socialization has led many towards depression and anxiety. As a result, people from different age groups have experienced panic attacks and heart strokes. Meditation helps you curb these issues. A morning session of 15-20 min of meditation regularly is a gift to your mental health. You will experience that you do not get stressed and you will not lose temper at all. You will start taking things easy and your brain will process for solutions efficiently.

4. High hygiene practices

This virus knows that if high hygiene standards are maintained, it will destroy. Make sure you and your family practice and monitor good cleaning habits like regular washing of hands, using sanitizers, maintaining social distance, regular bathing, wearing clean and sanitized clothes and similar such practices.

5. Connect with others

During the crisis, many people have suffered in many ways. Some lost their jobs, many got infected, many don't have access to medication and so many more couldn't be with the loved ones during their last moments. Connect with them, offer help in whichever way you can. This will feed your soul with peace and ease the life of those in problems.

The above ways are simple. Even after the vaccine is out, the above ways will continue to benefit you. Likewise, these ways will build a better world for us and our future generations.

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