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5 best fruits for summer

  • April 03, 2017

Summer is the time of long days, clear skies and a lot of sunshine. However, it comes with its own disadvantages; you lose a lot of body water because of high temperatures and high humidity. The heat of the summer drains energy from our bodies and causes dehydration. Most of us lose our appetites during summer and do not like eating heavy foods. Fruits are the best way to keep us hydrated, energetic, nourished and cool. Following are best fruits for summer, they are not only full of water but also full of fibre and nutrition:

  1. Watermelon: It keeps the body hydrated and is a good source of vitamins, iron and minerals. It also maintains acid base balance in the body.
  2. Cucumber: Low calories, high fibre, cooling and anti-oxidant properties make cucumber the best fruit to be eaten in summer.
  3. Grapes: They are juicy, with a lot of water content and vitamin C.  Grapes also boost immune system and have anti-inflammatory properties.
  4. Pineapples: These are full of vitamin C with antioxidant properties. They contain bromelain which helps in digestion and detoxification.
  5. Papaya: This fruit contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E, β-carotene which reduce inflammation in body and protect against cold infections.

It is very important to ensure that you wash the fruits well before you eat them to avoid stomach upsets.

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