Wellness Tips for a Healthy Holi

wellness tips for a healthy holi


Wellness Tips for a Healthy Holi

The festival of colours is here. But as the cases of coronavirus are on the rise, it is advisable to enjoy the festival like a responsible citizen. Covid-19 has transformed the way we do everything, and what was once considered 'normal' now feels like an entirely different lifetime ago. Let’s enjoy the festival of colours with same fun but with little more caution and care.

Please strictly follow the safety measures:

  • Avoid crowd, create a social bubble and celebrate holi with your close friends and family.
  • Do not smear colours on your face or on the faces of others.
  • Don't touch your face with unwashed hands while playing Holi.
  • Avoid close contact with people.
  • Don't forget to wear the mask all the time. If possible, put on the face mask while playing Holi.
  • Keep a hand sanitizer handy. If you are wearing a mask/gloves, discard it properly after celebrations.


Hair Care

Before playing with colours, apply good amount of oil to your hair, so that the colour can slip away from your hair and never settle on the scalp. The best way is to tie your hair and cover it with a scarf or cap. After celebration, make sure to clean it while the hair is wet.

Skin Care

Sun protection is very helpful to protect the skin from the harmful chemicals that are used in Holi colours. The colours whether dry or wet make the skin prone to infections and allergies. A sunscreen, moisturizer, body lotion or oil prevents the colours from penetrating the skin pores as they create a sheath around your body. You can either apply almond/coconut oil right before stepping out on the day of Holi to ensure proper skin protection.

Eye Care

The colours available in the market contain toxic chemicals like lead oxide, copper sulfate, heavy metals, acids, alkalis, mica, asbestos, talc, silica, tc. If these colour comes in contact with the eye, it can cause eye irritation and even serious vision complications. Dab on some eye cream or vaseline gel to keep the area surrounding the eyes moisturized. In the case of colours splashed on your eyes, flush your eye with lots of clean water. Use clean, lukewarm tap water for at least 20 minutes. It is important to try and remove as much of the color from the eye as is possible, immediately.

It is advisable to avoid unnecessary trips to malls, markets or any public spaces which are crowded. It is also advisable to play Holi with family or small groups of people but no outsiders or mass gatherings. Children and senior citizens should refrain from exchanging gifts / shaking hands. Overall, do not panic, keep a safe distance from the people who display signs of cold, fever or flu like symptoms.

Check local authority advisory in your area and follow them. Greet people with an open heart, avoid shaking hands and hugging. Wear masks and follow Covid-19 guidelines.