Wellness Link to Productivity, Performance

wellness link to productivity, performance


You may be aware of the wellness program benefits to organizations and individuals like reduced absenteeism and health insurance costs. But the impact of these programs on an employee's productivity and performance may surprise you.

Although productivity and performance are related concepts, there is a wafer-thin different between them. Generally, productivity refers to the quantity of work and performance denotes the quality of work. Also, having the right tools to do one's job is one of the top drivers of productivity and employee engagement is one of the top drivers of performance.

As per the survey by the nonprofit Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO), more than 90 per cent of business leaders say that promoting wellness can affect employee productivity and performance. Another study carried out in 2017, by the University of California Riverside, found that companies offering employee wellness programs saw a significant gain in productivity among employees.

Wellness is all about enjoying an illness-free life. A wellness program increases productivity by offering accessible tools to employees to manage their health more effectively. Workplace wellness programs lead to happier employees, and happy employees work harder and more efficiently. A wellness program can help employees stay healthier - physically and emotionally.

We know that today's employees are more stressed than ever before. A recent survey from Cigna shares that four out of five people say they are stressed. Stressed employees are more expensive. It becomes difficult for employees to deliver peak performance under stress. The chronic stress lead not only to burnout, but those who stay in these environments increase the risk of stress-related illnesses, including heart disease, obesity, and mental illness.

Wellness program takes care of employee’s health at every stage. Periodic check-ups and health awareness program keep them aware of their health status.

Overall it comes down to the following five critical benefits that wellness program can offer:

1.    Improved employee health behaviours

2.    Reduced risk of elevated health risks

3.    Reduced healthcare costs

4.    Few sick leaves

5.    Decreased absenteeism

When employees are provided resources for success via a wellness program, one can see high engagement, morale and retention. This translates to improved productivity as employees feel less stressed at work and are more focused on the task at hand. Hence wellness program must be integrated culture for every organization.

COVID-19 has caused a lot of stress and anxiety among people around the world. From our physical and mental wellbeing to our financial wellbeing, it has affected all the aspects of our lives. During this new normal and work from home era, if you are looking for ways to improve your health. Then, this is the time to introduce a wellness in your lifestyle.

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