Wellness and Work from Home Tips

wellness and work from home tips


According to the University of Cambridge, being inactive is just as dangerous as being obese. As per the recent study, a lack of exercise accounts for twice as many deaths as obesity. Another study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that the harmful effects of prolonged sedentary lifestyles persist, even with periods of intermittent exercise. Work from Home is here to stay for a long or may be adopted as a permanent part of work culture for a few.

While working from home offers numerous benefits, it also makes it easier to slip into a sedentary lifestyle. Now the commute for you is just from the bedroom to your desk or home office, you need to proactively plan your day. Try to adopt the following healthy habits


Statistics show that people should be moving every 90 minutes to shift their energy levels. Hence it is highly advisable to take 5 minutes break every hour and get outside for daily exercise and fresh air. Breathe, take in the scenery and take your mind off work.


Protect yourself from "work burnout" by maintaining a regular schedule and a daily plan. A proper actionable work plan helps you create clear boundaries between your professional and personal life.


Mental health is as important as physical health. Hence a peace of mind is very important. So while working on tasks that require concentration, create blocks of time where you do not attend unwanted phone calls or check email or social media. It will definitely help your focus level.


Make your workspace as peaceful, organized, and comfortable as you can. If possible, try to alternate between sitting and standing. Whether you’re working from a desk, table, couch or bed, you should never feel strain or discomfort. Your body will tell you when something doesn’t feel right. Just a tiny adjustment will make a big difference.

Create fitness challenges

Streaming workouts and fitness classes are a new norm. The best challenges are the ones that depend on self-reporting because they're easy to do, achieve and motivational too. Set up a health challenge like 50 push-ups in a day within a month. Keep tracking your performance every day.

Schedule active meetings

A great way to incorporate activeness into your work is by arranging an active meeting. Instead of lying on the bed or sitting down with a coffee, why not go for a walk instead? Yes, make sure you keep walking up and down if you have staircases or just forward and backwards within your room. Walking has been shown to improve mood, stimulate creativity, and enhance focus.

Working from home may sound good and relaxed feeling – avoiding rush hour travelling or taking calls from the couch. But it can quickly lead to a sedentary life. It takes self-discipline to remain active even when working from home.

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