India's 2nd 'Protein Day' - 27th February

india's 2nd 'protein day' - 27th february


India's second 'Protein Day' being observed on 27 February. The aim is to raise awareness and educate people on the health benefits of protein. This was launched by Right to Protein, a national-level public health initiative in 2020. The theme of India Protein Day 2021 is set to act as an energy booster for all Indians, Powering with plant protein.

Protein is essential for every living organism. It gives us energy and helps our bodies recover. Protein is the building block of muscle. Hence it's important to make sure you're getting enough protein. It's like wheels that keep you in motion throughout the day.

Signs or symptoms of low protein

  • Hunger and cravings.
  • Muscle weakness or joint pain.
  • Slow recovery from injuries.
  • Hair, skin, and nail troubles.
  • Getting sick regularly.
  • Fatigue and a lack of concentration.

Also if you are not able to concentrate or focus then it will lead to an increase in your stress level. Ultimately, it will open a box of many unwanted troubles for you like loss of motivation or burnout.

According to WHO, burnout is not a medical condition but rather an "occupational phenomenon" affecting health.

Have protein-rich meals

Include protein in breakfast, lunch and dinner. This can be a mix of plant and animal protein (for non-veg lovers). For example, nuts and seeds, eggs, fish, chicken, cheese, soya or dairy yoghurt. Protein helps keep your blood sugar levels balanced and this helps stabilize your mood and energy levels.

Prefer protein-rich snacks

Whenever you start feeling hungry at work, it is always good to munch on something healthy instead of running towards junk food.

High protein, low carbohydrate diets are the best diets for working people. Unlike fat, proteins are not stored in our body and work as an energy booster from time to time. Snacking on protein-rich food helps, especially when you need that extra energy to complete the given tasks on time. Having protein-rich snacks helps you gain important nutrients while working. Dry fruits and nuts, Yogurt, Sprouts and Protein bar.

Keep track of protein intake

In this busy work from home era, many of us feel the effects of anxiety, low motivation or stress, both mentally and physically. Lack of protein intake may lead to mental, and physical exhaustion brought on as a result of stress. It can have some devastating results both professionally and personally if not addressed.

Hence have the right portion of protein in your daily balanced diet.

Happy Protein Day!