4 Small Habits to Supercharge your Productivity

4 small habits to supercharge your productivity


Being more productive comes down to how you manage your time, your focus and your energy. Four small habits can make you more energetic and productive. It will enhance your overall wellbeing too, both physical and mental.

Master your mornings.

Morning rituals are popular for good reason. Because they help us set the tone for the day. Morning routine, combined with physical exercising as little as just 15 mins walk, possess the power to supercharge your productivity. It leads to a higher-performing version of yourself.

One important step to master your mornings is to wake up early and soak in the morning sunlight. It provides energy to get your day going. Waking up early is not very a complex task. Make an effort to get up 15 mins early daily and then gradually move your wake-up time. After all, we have heard it many times, an early start is a key to success, isn't it? Indeed, many studies have shown that those who wake up earlier are more successful.

Be precise with your actions.

The goal isn't just to do a lot of tasks in a day. The goal is to execute with precision on essential tasks that move the needle forward in a big way. Working in a state of randomness is mentally exhausting. Hence always prioritize your jobs. Instead of attempting to conquer the world by doing everything, identify the important tasks of the day that will move you forward the most and prioritize those. Move slowly but make sure you tick off the important tasks from the checklist. Also, take a break in between so that you keep progressing forward.

Audit yourself daily

Planning and scheduling your work priority is important. But without reviewing it at the end of the day is like shooting targets in the dark which leads to a no or low hit completion. The best and simple way is to begin the self-auditing process. In simple words, practice mindfulness daily maybe for a few minutes. All you need to do is take notice of when and what makes your energy exhaust. This allows you to take precise action on the unnecessary activity that is energy drainers. Identify your overall performance and how to improve it. Simply decreasing your time around negative environments, your productivity will improve.

Master your nights

A good night's sleep is a fundamental part of our health and wellbeing and means we are more productive during the day. If one gets quality sleep, then they are more focused. Therefore, they get more done and can feel better about their work. Watching television/web series until late and checking mobile phones in bed is commonplace. Hence many people find it hard to switch off. Research has shown that a single bad night's sleep can reduce productivity by 57%, and it can decrease physical and mental awareness. Also, there have been countless studies to prove that surviving on little sleep is incredibly detrimental for health too. Prioritize to go to bed at the same time each night.

Also, regular health check-ups are important for everyone.

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