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Health and Productivity

  • February 25, 2019

Health is at the helm of everything that you do, productivity is not an exception. If you are healthy, you can be productive too.  Time and again research is showing that the rewarding and productive work life can be hampered due to chronic diseases, disability and mental ill health. Health issues can reduce the work hours one can put in and thus, the income generated from it. Thus, it is very important to maintain health to remain productive.

Employers investing in health and wellness initiatives at workplace observe benefits which are broader than the financial gains. Research evidences have suggested that healthy workers are more productive at work compared to unhealthy workers. Employers investing more time in building health oriented workplace yield greater value from their investors.

Poor employee productivity is referred to as “presenteeism” and to curb presenteeism, four things to emphasize on are; stress management, nutrition programs, physical exercise, and health benefits. One can promote a healthy workplace by implementing these budget friendly ideas:

  1. Having health care allowance/insurance for dental health, general health, and vision health
  2. Using healthy snacks in your workplace kitchen/pantry
  3. Taking time off
  4. Having and gym at workplace and using it
  5. Going to an exercise class or having exercise as team activity


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  • Don’t follow any suggestions in this article without consulting a qualified doctor

Reference: Want Increased Productivity? Focus on Healthy Employees